Our Brands

For over 70 years, Umbria Olii International has built Quality Recognition. Our Brands are sold in more than 30 Countries and range from entry-level to premium price range.

Food Products - Del Papa® Branded Products

When you buy Del Papa®  Olive Oils, you’re buying Olive Oil steeped in expert tradition — oils with the same flavor as those Del Papa Family from Italy produced over 70 years ago. Today, these award-winning oils are made using the best latest technology , but the traditional flavors remain — thanks to painstaking attention to detail and a deep commitment to excellence. For further information please visit: www.delpapafamily.com

Skin Care Products - Olivella® Branded Products

OLIVELLA® brand comes from the need to exclusively use Virgin Olive Oil as an only ingredient, extraordinarily  rich in history and healthy benefits. Because the Olivella® Skin Care Line is made with 100% Virgin Olive Oil, it is considered the “Natural Mediterranean diet for our skin® “. For further information please visit: www.olivellaline.com