Your International Olive Oil Partner since 1945.

In Umbria, the "Green Heart of Italy", the Olive Oil tradition has very ancient origins. It is supposed that the Etruscans were the first to start the cultivation of the olive tree, which developed largely during the Roman Empire, when many patricians chose the Umbrian lands as their country villas. Umbria Olii International, was founded here in 1945 by The Del Papa Family. The experience in the selection and in the packaging of olive oils and its derived products, provided by more than 70 years of activity, along with the love for genuineness, guarantees a Unique Quality Product. Our products come from the will to satisfy the food and non-food habits of the most demanding clients. We choose to create the right products, fitted for any market, but always maintaining the tradition that distinguishes our native land Umbria in Italy. Furthermore, Umbria Olii International Selects, Certifies, and Guarantees for you all its products, an essential part of the "Mediterranean Diet".