Below you will find how we can facilitate your business growth:

Bulk Distribution

Umbria Olii International S.p.A Business to business solutions for bulk distribution include:

a) Bulk distribution of Refined Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil for the canning industry.

b) Bulk Distribution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Packers.

The outgoing load is carried out in tanks of about 30 tons and is accompanied by the certificate of analysis which certifies all the quality requirements according to the regulations in force.

Private Label

We are able to distribute our products according to your needs.

Umbria Olii International may handle for your complete distribution process, from the production quality check, to the customization in the shipping and delivery of your goods; both packaged in a finished goods and in a bulk in the numerous typologies below . It provides internal customer services; it manages through the best and selected logistic partners any INCOTERMS.

Stock & Handling

Stock Synergy Civiterminal, situated in Civitavecchia Port ( Italy ) and Motril Port ( Spain ) provides services for: Stock and handling of liquid aliments, in health certified tanks.

Stock Synergy Civiterminal is also specialized in stock and in management ( loading / offloading ) of liquid aliments such as: vegetable oils, wines, pulp, and other bulk liquid aliments.

We administrate products in stock and we handle them in: Tank trucks / Container Tank / Flexi Tank.

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